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Full Package | The Works 


A first impression never gets a second chance so you only have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they visit your website. You need to make those seconds count so your web visitor makes the next click. That’s where SBD come in. We can make you stand out from your competition and truly WOW your potential customers when they visit your site.






This is a full service procedure that has us taking a deep dive to learn everything we need to know about your business. We make sure we understand what you offer, how it’s offered, and what your customers can expect. Then, we can provide you with an accurate logo and branding. The next step has us creating a strategic, beautifully branded, and effective website so your customers see exactly how you are the best solution to their problem.


You’re an expert in your field and so are we. We bring over 15+ years of marketing, communication, and graphic and web design experience to your project. We know what questions to ask so we can create a brand and website that works hard for you so you don’t have to. Work with us and your business will have the professional polish you know it deserves … and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Full Package | The Works
The Process
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Your website, online presence, and printed materials all need to work beautifully and seamlessly together.  As a business owner, your goal is to have a brand that is professional, recognizable, and authentic to you.  When they do, it makes reaching the right customer so much easier. A brand identity that supports your business growth is only the beginning. We’ll create your brand’s new look with strategic design choices, having completed a thorough deep dive into what makes your business special and how you can communicate that with your ideal customers.


Shalunda Bates Designs will work with you to create a brand identity that lets your potential and existing customers fully understand what your business is about the minute they see it. Our experienced designers diligently work to design a brand that is consistently and beautifully represented across all your marketing materials.


Looking to “WoW” new customers or clients right out of the gate? 

The Works Package comes with the "Deluxe Website Package" and is perfect for any organization or business looking for a website that will convert your visitors into customers.  Our deluxe website package covers the content needs of the majority of businesses and organizations. This can be great for both startups and established businesses. Deluxe websites have a maximum of 6 pages. 


Our web design capabilities make that happen. We offer flexibility, scalability, timeless design elements, and a solid understanding of not only your brand but of the users who will frequent it.


The Package & Process

​This includes:


Your Visual Brand Identity is the first thing that your ideal and potential clients encounter from your business. It tells people how to feel and what to expect from you and assists in communicating your brand message. My job is to help you refine, define, and identify exactly what that should be.


  • In order to create a visual identity that not only speaks to who you are, but what you want to tell the world, I have to understand what appeals to you visually. Your identity is meant to tell your story and elicit emotion. This part of the process helps me figure out how best to do that. I’ll create a secret Pinterest board where you can share inspiration images with me. Then I’ll create a Brand Vision Board that includes typography/font options, colors, textures, and patterns that I believe will best represent your brand’s distinct style. Two rounds of revisions are included to make sure we start off right.


  • Once you approve your vision board, I will use it to create up to 3 logo concepts. Each concept will be unique and feature designs that fit your brand’s style.  I will start with the 1st concept, so we have room to create a fourth if needed. Additional concepts beyond a total of 3 will be billed at $250 apiece. Two rounds of revisions are included, along with an alternate logo/sub-mark derived from your final logo choice.

  • Once you have selected a final logo, I will create what is perhaps the most important document for the continuity and consistency of your brand: The Brand Style Guide, also known as the Brand Holy Grail. It includes your logo, and alternate logo/sub-mark, as well as typography, custom color palette, and pattern selection. This document will ensure you and your team know exactly how to maintain the integrity of your visual identity.


 This package includes:

  • Business card design + printing and delivery of 250 cards based on your new brand identity. This package includes a standard two-sided business card design with or without rounded corners with matte or glossy printing. Special shapes or printing options (ex. Spot UV printing or letterpress) will come with an additional cost.

  • Social media cover images for two platforms (ex. Facebook & Twitter)


  • Final files include the source files for your logo, alternate logo, and sub-mark, as well as the vision board from the discovery process, brand style guide, and PDF, PNG, or Photoshop deliverables for your brand collateral.


Today, many customers will look online first, this makes your website the most important selling tool for your business and a huge part of your brand identity. It is the one piece of the web that you own and control, and it is important to make sure your site not only looks great but works to accomplish your business goals, from communicating clearly to selling your products and services. If you have a current website that isn’t working well, you understand the necessity of investing wisely.




I will create a stunning, memorable, functional website designed specifically to enhance your brand identity and highlight your most important calls to action. I work to improve and add to your chosen platform in every way whether it is with Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify, which will accommodate almost any functionality you need.



More and more people are browsing the web with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and some web users rarely use computers to get online at all. My websites are fully responsive, so they look amazing on even the smallest screens.



Building your website with me means that you will have the option to manage your site on your own if you choose. You’ll be able to add blog posts, update images, make changes to your homepage, and more without my help if that is your preference. You’ll receive a combination of written and video tutorials to guide you in using your new website, including any custom functionality I add. You can add hands-on training, as shown below. And to make your new site, even more, user-friendly, it will include a front-end page builder, which means you won’t need to know anything about code to manage your website — just how to follow simple steps.



Once you approve the visual look of the website, I will build on a test site so you can ensure the site looks and functions as it should in real-time before it goes live on your server.



If redesigning an existing site, I will install a branded maintenance page that collects email and redirects to social media on the day I’m moving the design from the test site to your site. If we are starting from scratch, it includes the creation of a temporary landing page to be used while the site is being designed and built. It will give visitors basic information about you and your business, collect their email addresses so you can start building your mailing list, and direct them to your social media accounts so they can stay in touch with you in the meantime.



E-Commerce: +$1000 (up to 20 products) |  Hands-On Wix training via screensharing or Zoom: +$500 | Additional Pages 



NOTE: Web design rates DO NOT include indefinite maintenance or updates once the initial site design has been completed. Future maintenance and updates may be secured on a retainer basis, shown on A La Carte, or paid for as needed at my hourly rate.



The Works, which includes Branding & Logo Creation, Website Content Creation & Copywriting, and Website Design, takes approximately:

  • 2-4 Weeks for Brand & Logo Creation

  • 4-6 Weeks for Copy Content

  • 6-8 Weeks for Design and Implementation

Your Investment: $7,500.00

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