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Digitally Divided by Shalunda Bates

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Ok, so my Saturday began at 6 am and I am sitting here trying to figure out why is it my one day off and I am still getting up early.  So I began to catch up on my homework and the topic of discussion is the Digital Divide, Segregation in Social Media.

As I scroll through my own social media channels I realize that Pepper Miller was on to something.  Miller quoted Ebel Mora, “ethnic Internet users, both younger and older, are congregating in spaces where there are people  like them, or where they fill comfortable bringing people like them.”

I am looking through my own social media and I realized that I also look for those platforms were I can have conversations with those like me and view situations as I do.

The segregated state of social media really comes out during cases of racially fueled crimes against ethnic groups, for example, African-Americans, in this country.  We post #blacklivesmatter and some feel that African-Americans only care about black lives but we care about all lives.  Our lives have been threatened and torn down for so long and now we have a place to discuss our frustrations, feelings, anger and concerns.

It is now that others are taking notice of our discussions and using those to try and understand that we just want EQUALITY FOR ALL and we are tired of just accepting this second class citizenship of being relevant when it benefits others.

Shalunda Bates @blueabouteverything

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