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About Me


Shalunda Bates Designs was launched as a design agency aimed at delivering smart, executive-level service without layers of the corporate hierarchy.  Today, I am CEO of an elite company with over 10 years of graphic and brand design on a mission to help passionate, entrepreneurs make an impact with purposeful design.  We represent local lifestyle brands, religious organizations, and local start-up companies, looking to make noise, expand, shift public perception, and drive a positive conversation in the marketplace.


My company works to produce high-quality graphic designs, branding, social media marketing, and website design.  As digital graphic designers, we plan the outline, structure, and visualization of a design, such as web pages or branding projects, with the use of creative software, such as Adobe Creative Suite.  When creating a layout or design, as designers we must consider the type, images, animations, color, and placement in order to give our clients second to none results. We are your premier spot for award-winning, effective designs.


Shalunda Bates Designs is comprised of experts when it comes to brand development, social media content creation, graphic design layout, print production, designing and creating websites, and other digital services. We enable and empower organizations to captivate their audiences and get their messages across in a clear and powerful way.

Let's Get Started!

By now, you might know we are a great fit for each other! I am excited to learn about you & your business. Get in touch to get the ball rolling, and schedule your project!​

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